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Notes from Hibernation

Greetings Cave People, I write this missive from beneath a mastodon fur in my cave.  The winter can be harsh, but it can also inspire.  Thus I hope the upcoming orbit around the fireball in the sky brings all of us ideas for greater prosperity. This year we hope to expand our market presence in the American skincare field.  We had a major uptick in sales this holiday season and we want to keep the momentum going in 2017. We hope to have some exciting news for you soon.  In the meantime, scratch your saber-toothed tiger under its chin, bury...

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The Wheel of Inspiration

Greetings Cave People, Often the inspiration for a business can become obfuscated by the twisting and turning of its history.  The origins of Caveman Care, however, will not.  Our humble business was born from three separate yet related experiences: 1.  I was once an innocent caveboy who did not a brontosaurus leg from his club.  During my early days, my skin often became dry and/or caked with Paleolithic mud.  It took a certain cavegirl to teach me the ways of using moisturizer in the winter. 2.  At our winter feast, my honest-to-Prometheus brother once secreted away to my room and...

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Discovering Fire

Greetings Cave People, Thanks for taking the time to interpret my humble cave drawings.  You might be curious about our business, so I'm going to write periodic blog posts about it here. Men know they should do certain things, but are often ill-equipped to act upon those impulses.  We know we should exercise.  We know we should save for retirement.  We know we should take care of our skin. Often, however, these impulses find themselves trampled by things that thrill us: the promotion at work, the Guns N' Roses concert, the wildebeest hunt, etc. Caveman Care's purpose is to make...

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