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Discovering Fire

Greetings Cave People,

Thanks for taking the time to interpret my humble cave drawings.  You might be curious about our business, so I'm going to write periodic blog posts about it here.

Men know they should do certain things, but are often ill-equipped to act upon those impulses.  We know we should exercise.  We know we should save for retirement.  We know we should take care of our skin.

Often, however, these impulses find themselves trampled by things that thrill us: the promotion at work, the Guns N' Roses concert, the wildebeest hunt, etc.

Caveman Care's purpose is to make the desire for skincare simple and effortless.  If you use these products, then you don't need to worry about taking care of your skin again.

Of course, cavemen are often taken care of by their cavewomen or cavepartners.  To that end, we will often offer gift packages for those who want to take care of their cavemates.

We hope your family joins us around the fire in order to be inspired and terrified by the shadows we cast during our wild dancing.  We just want you to look good doing it.

Your Caveman,


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