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The Wheel of Inspiration

Greetings Cave People,

Often the inspiration for a business can become obfuscated by the twisting and turning of its history.  The origins of Caveman Care, however, will not.  Our humble business was born from three separate yet related experiences:

1.  I was once an innocent caveboy who did not a brontosaurus leg from his club.  During my early days, my skin often became dry and/or caked with Paleolithic mud.  It took a certain cavegirl to teach me the ways of using moisturizer in the winter.

2.  At our winter feast, my honest-to-Prometheus brother once secreted away to my room and ransacked my knapsack in search of said moisturizer.  He noticed that, beneath my prominent brow and thick body hair, my skin shone with health and vivacity.  Jealousy was born in him and I knew it could be born in others if they did not have easy access to this magic tonic.

3.  A different cavegirl took me shopping at the bazaar where they trade shells and teeth for various products.  One booth had a name then unpronounceable to my caveman brain: Sephora.  As I wandered through the aisles, dazed by a whirlwind of tinctures and perfumes, I knew others like myself might be confused by the panoply of products and thus unable to choose one.

Those are the events through which Caveman Care sprung from the primordial soup and into our lives.  Modern caveman worry about serious things like dinosaurs and fantasy football, so the less time spent thinking about how to look good the better.  Thus Caveman Care was born.

Your Caveman,


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